Dr. David Redd is a board-certified General Surgeon with 30 years of clinical experience.

Dr. David Redd

Dr. David Redd is a board-certified General Surgeon with 30 years of clinical experience. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences with his medical degree in 1987, completed his residency at Carraway Methodist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama in 1992. He is a fellow in the American College of Surgeons.

After years of surgery, Dr. Redd decided to continue on in a way that would help return healthcare to it’s patient-centered roots. He was frustrated by long wait times, no transparency and inflated prices for procedures, and declining quality of care. By establishing QuikSurg, a cash-based minor surgical clinic, those problems are solved.

This is the way healthcare should be done!

  • Free consultation
  • Stress-free procedures

  • Unbeatable prices



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Skin Tag Removal $150 $200
Laceration Repair (Stitches Placed) $250 $300 $350
Repair Torn Ear Lobes $350 $350 $500
Excision of Moles $150 $250 $300
Incision and Drainage of Abscess $200 $250 $300
Lipoma Excision (Benign Fatty Tumor) $200 $350 $500
Wart Removal/Destruction $150 $200
Sebaceous Cyst Excision $200 $300
Toenail Removal (Ingrown) $250
Foreign Body Removal (Splinters, etc.) $150 $200
Excision of Skin Cancers $200 $250

*Note: QuikSurg will see patients 18 years and older.
Prices are subject to change based on the surgeon’s discretion given to size, severity, and the number of lesions present.
The price will be quoted by the doctor during the (free) consultation. The prices above include all follow-up (suture removal, wound checks, etc.). For any services rendered after 6pm EST, there will be an additional $100 fee charged to the patient.

Google 5 Star Reviews
First visit was a consultation. Very professional and kind staff. I was seen IMMEDIATELY. SUPER CLEAN. I will go back for surgery soon. Well, to update I did go in for surgery. I was seen immediately. They do not overschedule patients. I felt like I was the doctor's only focus. The staff were kind and professional. Dr. Redd explained everything he was going to do and as he was doing it. I had a shot for the pain, then the surgery started and it was over in minutes. He stitched me up perfectly. It healed very well, and I had minimal scarring and zero issues. I would definitely go here again for any type of minor outpatient surgery. It's truly "quik" surg. Dr. Redd is an amazing man and his staff are very professional.read more
susan edmondson
susan edmondson
14:03 16 Jan 19
Went in the Saturday after Christmas with flu-like symptoms and upper respiratory infection. PA Willie and Dr. Redd welcomed me like family and even answered some concerns I had on Friday night via text message. PA Willie got straight to the point of treating my issue without any unnecessary tests and got me back on my feet ASAP. Also referred me to a pharmacy that offered the prescription I needed for free. Even if you have insurance, the service and benefits they are offering is worth consideration. Two thumbs up!read more
Andrew J.
Andrew J.
14:35 10 Jan 19
I sprained my ankle pretty bad over the Holidays and Dr. Redd and his new PA Willie were there for me. I was scared it was worse and didn't know where to start healing my ankle. Willie did myofascial releases and wrapped it nicely for me. I started feeling better immediately trusting their expert advice. Thank you!!!
Lynn Tengler
Lynn Tengler
16:01 09 Jan 19
Super friendly staff and quick service! Went in for the free consultation and had the procedure done on the spot! Dr. Redd was super nice and friendly. He was quick and good! I'd recommend to anyone.
Savannah Madison
Savannah Madison
21:50 13 Jul 18
Last week I made an appointment to see Dr. Redd. The doctor consulted with me at no charge as I made an appointment for service. This week I went back for my appointed visit for minor surgery. I was in and out within 1/2 for my surgery. Very pleased with the staff and Dr. Redd's bedside manner. The results of the visit were outstanding and the price of the service was very affordable. I'm hoping I will not require any additional procedures in the future, but if I do, I will definitely go back to Dr. Redd for treatment.read more
Dave Basil
Dave Basil
03:19 29 Jun 18
I had a great experience with Dr. Redd and his staff. They are professional, informative, and the process was quick and painless. Highly recommended!
Gregory Johnson
Gregory Johnson
17:19 18 Jun 18
So happy I met Dr. Redd! What a great business. Surgery for cash is less expensive than insurance co/pay or deductible! He and staff are wonderful! I will recommend to friends and family!
Trish D.
Trish D.
19:11 12 Jun 18
I was in and out before my appt was even scheduled (I showed up 20 minutes early to try and make sure they didn’t have the extensive paperwork like most other places do). Absolutely no pain, no pressure to have it sent off to pathology because he felt it was benign just like my primary doctor did, and a great price (I would have paid more had I went somewhere that took insurance due to my high deductible). In at 10:40, out before 11 and it’s now 3 PM and I’m still feeling no pain! Best decision I’ve ever made!read more
Morgan Wilson
Morgan Wilson
18:43 11 May 18
We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Redd's office for a torn ear lobe. We were able to schedule our consultation online for the very same day, and after our consultation and speaking with the surgeon himself, we scheduled my daughter's surgery for the very next day. The cost was reasonable and all-inclusive for one price; the surgeon did an outstanding job, and his office staff gave us excellent post-surgery instructions with a number to call if we had any questions. All in all, this was a wonderful experience, and we highly recommend.read more
Stephy C.
Stephy C.
15:32 11 Apr 18
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Facebook 5 Star Reviews

Had a kidney stone and an accompanying infection. I needed help fast. I got the treatment I needed and it was quick and professional. the staff was kind and friendly and the location was easy to get to. I highly recommend QuikSurg's new QuikCare services. They are a step above the rest


I called yesterday to inquire about an appointment and was able to see Dr. Redd right away. He removed a small cyst and I was in and out in a snap. The procedure was quick and painless and he and his nurse were informative and delightful! As a RN for 36 years, highly recommend this service for minor surgery.


Very fast and excellent work. Cant beat the price either.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QuikSurg is a one-of-a-kind clinic because of our exceptional service, our affordable and transparent prices and our kind and professional staff:

  • we strive to have each patient in front of the surgeon in less than 3 minutes
  • we are a cash-based clinic that has cut out the insurance middleman
  • we treat our patients as we would treat our moms

All of these add up to an exceptional patient experience.

We believe that insurance is an important part of healthcare but not for “routine care” such as outpatient medical care and surgical procedures. The cost of these things is driven up by insurance.

Emergency Departments are typically for emergencies. We are designed to give great care that will cost you less and save you hours of time.

We are not equipped to care for kids under 14 years of age at this time.

Absolutely. This is the kind of care for which it was designed. It allows patients to “shop around” for the best quality, the best availability, and the most affordable prices.

We send any suspicious skin lesion to the pathologist to have them identified and the margins (normal tissue around the lesion) checked. The patient always has the option to send any lesion to have it identified but many of the things we remove are benign-appearing and don’t need to be checked by a pathologist.

We do not do hemorrhoids, pilonidal cysts, genital warts. We don’t do X-rays so don’t deal with fractures of bones and we would send any hand laceration that involved nerve or blood vessel damage to a hand specialist. There are occasionally skin lesions of the face that require skin grafts or flap procedures so we would recommend a plastic surgeon. We also occasionally send patients to dermatologists when indicated.

It might be if you only have one skin tag or “benign mole” to be removed. However, most people have more than one of these things and we tend to “bundle” them and charge the same fee for 5 or 6 of them as we would for one. Dr. Redd will talk with the patient before the procedures are done and discuss the price and why we charge what we do.

Now adding…

Acute illnesses, sports injuries, health maintenance & IV hydration therapy

Awilda (Willie) LaBonne is a physician assistant with over 20 years of medical experience.

Awilda (Willie) LaBonne

Awilda (Willie) LaBonne is a physician assistant with over 20 years of medical experience including emergency, internal and integrative medicine. Her philosophy is that great health and vitality and can be attained given the right conditions. She loves to help patients formulate the right plan to attain those right conditions for the enjoyment of their lives.

She specializes in high performance living, is also a US Army Veteran, and speaks fluent Spanish. Willie holds a Doctorate in Business degree with emphasis in Healthcare Management and Leadership. She lives in Chattanooga with her husband and son, and enjoys hiking, reading and cooking.

Walk-In Medical Care

  • Office Visits

  • School/Work/Sports Physicals

  • MIC/B12/Glutathione Injections

  • Rapid Flu Test

  • Rapid Strep Test

  • And more!

IV Hydration Therapy

  • Chronic and acute conditions

  • Dehydration

  • Cold and flu

  • Athletic performance and recovery

  • Sinusitis and bronchitis

  • And more!

*Note: QuikCare will see patients 18 months and older.
Please call for pricing. For any services rendered after 6pm EST, there will be an additional $100 fee charged to the patient.

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