The 5 Ways We Maintain Our “5 Minute” Rule

In my last blog, I talked about the patient’s #1 complaint: they hate to wait.

We determined that it was important to our patients that they be seen by the surgeon within 5 minutes of their appointment time and here’s how we get it done:

1. Do a few things well.

We do 12 procedures at QuikSurg, all are minor surgical procedures and all are done under local anesthesia. We have no plans for expansion into other health care areas. We will not be adding a vein clinic, a vasectomy center, or an IV room any time in the near future. While I believe all these are worthwhile, they would cause us to be sidetracked from our original vision and goal of seeing patients right after they come through the door.

2. We have done this “a time or 2”.

I saw no point in reinventing myself. When I decided to retire from the hospital OR, it only made sense that if I was going to start a clinic that it would be a surgical clinic (even though it hadn’t been done before). Those 33 years in the hospital have made me a much more efficient surgeon.

3. Be prepared.

I learned “Preparation 101” in my residency program’s trauma room. Long before it was common, we had a dedicated trauma room that was always set up and ready to take a trauma at a moment’s notice. When I thought about setting up a minor surgical clinic, I just applied those same principles. The procedure room is always stocked and instruments sterilized and ready to go.

4. Keep the Waiting Room a lonely place.

We don’t double-book patients in order to pack a schedule. No one else has your appointment time, so we don’t have “planes circling to land”. Patients don’t want to wait but they also don’t want to feel rushed in and out. The waiting room is our least utilized room, by design.

5. Our staff are professionals.

When I did a survey of patients a few years ago, the most important thing to our patients was “the kindness and professionalism” of the staff. That was great because it meant that we were doing our job of putting patients first. We are intentional about respecting their time and money.

We would love a chance to serve you and show you in person how we live these out. Give us a call or make an appointment online.

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