Do you always need stitches?

Nearly all of us at one time or another has required stitches to sew a cut (laceration). It happens in the kitchen cutting up food and it happens in the workshop working with power equipment. The first thought that runs through your head after you get the bleeding under control is “where can I go to get this looked at for the possibility of stitches where I won’t have to wait a few hours?”

With any laceration, there is the possibility of having stitches(sutures) placed to speed up the wound healing process. Technically speaking, no cut “requires” sutures, most all wounds will heal without them, it just takes much longer for the healing process to occur. There are times when we don’t suture a wound. The most common scenario is if the wound contains pus or the possibility of getting infected. Those wounds we leave open on purpose. When stitches can be used (and that’s most of the time), stitches just speed up the process and allow for the wound to scar in such a way that it looks good. Contact Dr Redd, QuikSurg’s trusted stitches specialist, at 423-551-3400.

How do you know when stitches are needed?

Many cuts and wounds will close and heal on their own. Others, however, may not close so easily. There are several signs that a wound needs stitches including:

  • Open gaps showing the dermis or fatty tissue under the skin
  • Cuts that are over or near a joint
  • Animal bites or deep jagged edge scratches
  • Areas that continue to bleed even after applied pressure

If a foreign object has become lodged in the body, don’t remove it yourself. Go to QuikSurg immediately and have Dr. Redd evaluate the injury. He can safely:

  • Remove the object
  • Clean the area
  • Stitch the wound shut

What is your process?

All wounds have to be cleaned (after local anesthesia) and evaluated for possible nerve or blood vessel injuries and the tetanus status is important to know when the patient comes in. We will evaluate the wound and the patient and the method that is best to use to close the wound if possible and we will do it without a long wait!

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