Skin Tags

Skin Tags

Dr. David Redd and the staff of QuikSurg offer several surgical procedures that can be performed quickly and efficiently in their office. One of the most common procedures is skin tag removal. Skin tags can be unsightly and painful if they catch on clothing. Dr. Redd and his staff welcome patients from around the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to visit their office and discuss the surgical procedures offered as well as their affordable prices. The office doesn’t accept insurance and there are no patient copays. Instead, procedures are performed for an affordable, flat rate.

What causes skin tags?

No one really knows what causes skin tags to form. Friction between skin layers is the most likely culprit, simply because skin tags are commonly found in creases and folds of the skin. The small bumps are made up of:

  • Collagen
  • Blood vessels and nerves
  • A thin layer of skin

A small peduncle, or stalk, attaches the tag to the flesh, allowing it to hang slightly off of the skin.

While there are several speculations as to other causes, Dr. Redd recommends that if you have skin tags, don’t try to remove them yourself. Visit his office so that he can surgically remove them, and the small stalk that attaches them to the skin.

How are skin tags removed?

Skin tags contain blood vessels that are fed through the small stalk that attaches them to the main body. If they’re pulled or torn off, they may begin to bleed, and leave a portion of the stalk behind. Instead of trying to remove skin tags on your own, schedule an appointment with the staff at QuikSurg to have them surgically removed.

Dr Redd can use a local anesthetic, and surgically remove the skin tag. He will also remove the small stalk and cauterize the base of the wound, thereby preventing it from bleeding. Depending on the area, he may also apply a bandage to keep the wound from getting dirty.

Will skin tags grow back?

Skin tags may grow back even if they’ve been removed several times.Typically, skin tags tend to appear in patients who are overweight, and may continue to return, as long as the person carries the excess pounds. Since the stalk of the skin tag is removed surgically, the same one will not regrow. Instead, others may grow in its place.

Dr. Redd makes sure to remove all of the skin tag and its stalk during the surgical procedure. Patients who have separate skin tags on various areas of the body, are more likely to develop new ones as the older ones are removed.

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