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Mole Removal


Mole Removal Specialist

Dr. David Redd is a board-certified surgeon offering mole removal surgery and a variety of other procedures for patients who live in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. At QuikSurg, Dr. Redd and his staff can perform minor procedures that require local anesthesia in their office. As a private-pay facility, patients pay a flat rate for each procedure. There are no insurance premiums, copays, or hidden fees. Visit the facility if you are interested in learning more about what Dr. Redd offers to his patients. Walk-ins are welcome and the staff is looking forward to serving you.

What are the signs of a cancerous mole?

A mole is an area of tissue on the skin that has an increased amount of pigment. It can also have different textures, and may even be seen as a lump or bump on the skin. Most moles aren’t cancerous, and will remain benign throughout a person’s lifetime.

The following signs are possible indicators of a cancerous mole:

  • Asymmetrical shape
  • Borders are irregular or jagged
  • Larger than a pencil eraser
  • Moles that have a variety of colors
  • Moles that tend to change or “evolve”

Dr. Redd can help his patients identify these signs. If a mole appears to be cancerous, he can surgically remove it during the visit.

Do mole-removal procedures leave scars?

Depending on the size, shape, and depth of the tissue that needs to be removed, some mole-removal procedures may cause some minor scarring. In most cases, the moles are simple to remove, and only require a small incision. After the mole has been removed, Dr. Redd closes the wound with sutures, minimizing the visibility of the scar.

Patients who have moles that need to be surgically removed can discuss their options with Dr. Redd. He can perform these types of surgeries in his office in about 30 minutes, which allows the patient to go about their day without having to worry about being heavily sedated.

When should a mole be removed?

Even though most moles may not be cancerous, their color and size can be unsightly. Moles that are raised off of the surface of the skin may catch onto clothing or jewelry, causing intense pain and discomfort. The position of a mole may also be problematic.

Patients that have moles they are concerned about can visit Dr. Redd, and have them surgically removed. He can perform the procedure quickly with local anesthesia. If the mole is suspicious for cancer (has one or more of the 5 characteristics above), Dr. Redd will excise the mole, and send it to the pathologist for identification. With most moles, after simple excision, there is no other treatment necessary. If the mole appears to be benign (not suspicious) it is not sent to the pathologist.

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