Wart Removal

Wart Removal

Wart-removal surgeries are simple procedures that normally only require a local anesthetic. Dr. David Redd and the staff of QuikSurg offer simple surgical procedures in their office. Patients who live in and around the Chattanooga, Tennessee area who are looking for affordable, outpatient surgical procedures, like skin tag or wart removal, are encouraged to call the facility and make an appointment today. Dr. Redd doesn’t take insurance but offers affordable prices with no copays.

What causes warts?

Most warts are caused by a virus, and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most likely culprit. There are over 100 strains of the virus, with several known to cause warts in humans. Contrary to what children are told, you can’t get warts from playing with toads. Warts are the result of coming in contact with the virus that causes them.

At QuikSurg, Dr. Redd can surgically remove warts and the roots that connect them to the body. This may prevent them from returning if there’s no further exposure to the virus. He may also offer advice on how to avoid exposure to warts and the virus that causes them.

Do warts spread through contact?

Warts are spread through contact with Human Papillomavirus. You can easily be exposed to the virus through use of the following items which may be contaminated:

  • A towel
  • A Piece of clothing
  • Any other material

In most cases, the virus enters the body through a weakened area in the skin. This can be a cut, scrape, or abrasion anywhere on the body. With over 100 variations, the virus they can be found on almost any surface at any time.

Warts are notoriously resistant to treatment, and there is no one perfect method of removal that works on everyone. Dr Redd will explain his method to you.

What is involved in a wart-removal procedure?

Wart-removal procedures are rather quick and easy to perform. The first step is to evaluate the wart, and identify the area that needs to be removed. When the surgery area is identified, Dr. Redd will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area. After a few minutes has passed allowing the anesthesia to take effect, he will excise the wart, and cauterize its base.

Once the excision is complete, Dr. Redd will bandage the area, and allow the patient to go on their way. Most wart-removal procedures take less than 30 minutes. Dr. Redd will provide the patient with care instructions to keep the wound clean and bandaged.

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