There are all kinds of claims out there these days… the Best, the Fastest, the Hardest Working… I think QuikSurg is all those things but in this particular time in history, we believe we are the SAFEST clinic anywhere! Quite a claim but very important for people considering medical care while viruses are lurking about. Here’s 4 reasons why we are the safest:

1) Not just clean, noticeably clean

We clean the clinic every day, some areas get it 2x per day and some areas after every patient. I was sitting in the lobby of an urgent care clinic and I heard a lady from the very back of the clinic yell “These are the dirtiest restrooms I have ever seen!” I’m sure the other people in the lobby were thinking the same thing I was… “maybe I’m not as sick as I thought”

2) No waiting

If you have a picture in your mind of the last ER you visited, you see 10-20 people sitting fairly close to you, none of them looking well. The less time you spend in that room the better! 97% of patients are in the procedure room seeing the nurse within 2 minutes at QuikSurg.

3) Handwashing/ mask-wearing

I have been a surgeon for 33 years which means I have been washing hands and wearing a mask for a lot longer than COVID has been around.

4) Follow the “Rules of Surgery”

Whatever you can do to decrease the risk of infection in a surgical procedure, you should do it. That includes sterile technique, cleaning and trimming traumatized tissue away, using the proper needle and stitches, etc. Hint: It does help that you KNOW those rules!
We faithfully do all the above and have for 6 years now. If you have an unwanted skin tag, mole, possible skin cancer, cut, lipoma (fatty tumor), cyst, ingrown toenail, torn earlobe, or splinter you can’t get out, know that you will be treated in the safest clinic possible.

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