October 2023

Clinic Advantages

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QuikSurg vs. Urgent Care: Advantages of Surgical Urgent Care When it comes to your health, making informed choices is essential. If you're facing a minor surgical issue, you may be wondering about the differences between QuikSurg, a surgical urgent care clinic, and traditional urgent care centers. Let's explore the advantages of choosing QuikSurg for your minor surgical needs. Experienced Surgeon One of the key distinctions between QuikSurg and urgent care centers is the expertise of the medical professionals involved. At QuikSurg, your surgery will always be performed by an experienced surgeon. When it comes to surgical procedures, having a skilled surgeon is paramount. Our commitment to surgical excellence ensures that you receive the best possible care. Local Anesthesia Another advantage of QuikSurg is our use of local anesthesia. We understand that many minor surgical procedures can be uncomfortable or painful. That's why we employ local anesthesia, which is applied directly to the surgical area. This means zero discomfort for you during the procedure. Transparent Pricing At QuikSurg, we believe in clear and transparent pricing. We understand the financial concerns that often accompany medical procedures. Whether you choose to use insurance or pay in cash, you'll have access to our [...]

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Insurance and Payment

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Your Options at QuikSurg: Insurance, Cash, and Consultations At QuikSurg, we believe in offering our patients flexibility and choice when it comes to payment and consultations. Whether you have insurance or prefer to pay in cash, we have options to accommodate your needs. Insurance and Consultations If you're concerned about a skin condition, such as a bothersome mole, you may want a medical professional's opinion. At QuikSurg, we provide free consultations for patients who simply want a quick, 5-minute assessment and expert advice. No need to worry about a fee if you're seeking a brief opinion. However, if you intend to use your insurance for your visit, we are obligated to follow your insurance contract's rules and guidelines. In such cases, an office visit will be processed according to your insurance policy. Cash-Based Prices For those who prefer to pay in cash or with a credit card, we offer cash-based prices. This means you have the freedom to choose how you'd like to cover the cost of your visit and procedure. We believe in transparent and fair pricing, so you can make informed decisions about your healthcare. It's important to note that our commitment to providing free consultations only [...]

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Skin Conditions

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When it comes to skin conditions, understanding the nuances of diagnosis and treatment is crucial. At QuikSurg, we specialize in addressing a wide range of skin issues, including skin lumps, skin bumps, and the potential for skin cancer. Let's explore our approach to diagnosing and managing these conditions. Skin Lumps and Bumps If you've noticed unusual skin lumps or bumps on your body, it's essential to seek expert medical evaluation. These skin irregularities can be concerning, and our experienced team at QuikSurg is here to help. When it comes to identifying the cause of skin lumps and bumps, we follow a careful protocol: Patient Concerns: We take your concerns seriously. If you're worried about a specific skin lesion or lump, we want to hear about it. Your input is valuable in the diagnostic process. Surgeon's Assessment: Our experienced surgeon will examine the affected area and provide a professional assessment. They may ask questions about the lesion's history, changes in appearance, and any associated symptoms. Pathologist Evaluation: For suspicious skin lumps or bumps, we work closely with pathologists—doctors specially trained to study human cells. They analyze tissue samples to identify the nature of the lesion and whether any cancerous cells [...]

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Patient Interaction and Experience

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Personalized Patient Interaction at QuikSurg: Your Health, Our Priority At QuikSurg, we believe that personalized patient interaction is key to providing exceptional healthcare. We understand the importance of being there for our patients, addressing their concerns, and ensuring they receive the care they need promptly. Let's explore how our patient interaction sets us apart. Real, Human Interaction In today's world of automation and recorded messages, we take a different approach. When you call QuikSurg, a real, live person will answer the phone. We value the importance of human interaction when it comes to addressing your health concerns. When a Recording Is Helpful While we prioritize personal interaction, we recognize that there are situations where a recording can be beneficial: Busy Times: If the clinic is exceptionally busy, your call may temporarily roll over to a recording. Rest assured that our team is committed to calling you back as soon as possible to provide the assistance you need. After-Hours Emergencies: In cases of after-hours emergencies, our recording provides essential instructions, including guidance to call 911. Your safety is our top priority, and we ensure you receive the appropriate guidance. Our Commitment to You At QuikSurg, we firmly believe that patients [...]

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Introduction to the Clinic

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Welcome to QuikSurg: Your Destination for Minor Surgery Are you in need of minor surgical procedures and looking for a unique medical facility that offers quick service and affordability? Look no further than QuikSurg, your premier destination for minor surgery in Chattanooga, Tennessee! Who Are We? You might be wondering, "Who are you guys? I've never heard of a 'minor surgery clinic.'" Well, there's a good reason for that. To our knowledge, QuikSurg is the only clinic of its kind in the South, and perhaps even in the entire USA! Think of us as a hybrid between an urgent care center and a surgical facility, with a few important distinctions: Surgeon-Only Procedures: At QuikSurg, a skilled surgeon will always perform your surgery. Your well-being is our top priority. Focused Specialization: We don't provide primary care services. Instead, we specialize in a range of minor surgical procedures, and we excel in what we do. Time-Efficient Care: Time is precious, and at QuikSurg, we value yours. We commit to seeing patients within 5 minutes of their appointment time. Affordable Prices: We understand that medical costs can be a burden. That's why we offer transparent and fair cash prices that won't break [...]

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March 2021

The clinic you deserve

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Everything you pick up to read about the future of healthcare these days will almost always include how COVID figures into the mix. But I am optimistic about how we will soon be putting this virus into the "dust bin" of history ( it will still be around but hopefully not the villain it has been). It is not a stretch to tell you that healthcare has needed a serious reinvention. It's not just a matter of sky-high costs, way too much bureaucratic duties (paperwork, charting,etc), or not enough time to see and talk to your patients. Those are just the tip of the healthcare iceberg. For 30 years of my career, I was a hospital operating-room-type surgeon. When I had had enough, I became a non operating-room-type surgeon. I wasn't ready to stop being a surgeon, I was just ready to stop the nonsense that has slowly crept into medical care. So what does a surgeon do in that instance? There's probably a thousand things I could have done to keep my hands and brain engaged but I chose the road less traveled... start up a clinic that has never really existed before. So here was my chance to do "healthcare [...]

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January 2021

How Can We Claim to be the Best Clinic?

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There are all kinds of claims out there these days... the Best, the Fastest, the Hardest Working... I think QuikSurg is all those things but in this particular time in history, we believe we are the SAFEST clinic anywhere! Quite a claim but very important for people considering medical care while viruses are lurking about. Here's 4 reasons why we are the safest: 1) Not just clean, noticeably clean We clean the clinic every day, some areas get it 2x per day and some areas after every patient. I was sitting in the lobby of an urgent care clinic and I heard a lady from the very back of the clinic yell "These are the dirtiest restrooms I have ever seen!" I'm sure the other people in the lobby were thinking the same thing I was... "maybe I'm not as sick as I thought" 2) No waiting If you have a picture in your mind of the last ER you visited, you see 10-20 people sitting fairly close to you, none of them looking well. The less time you spend in that room the better! 97% of patients are in the procedure room seeing the nurse within 2 minutes [...]

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The 5 Ways Maintain “5 Minute” Rule

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In my last blog, I talked about the patient's #1 complaint: they hate to wait. We determined that it was important to our patients that they be seen by the surgeon within 5 minutes of their appointment time and here's how we get it done: 1. Do a few things well. We do 12 procedures at QuikSurg, all are minor surgical procedures and all are done under local anesthesia. We have no plans for expansion into other health care areas. We will not be adding a vein clinic, a vasectomy center, or an IV room any time in the near future. While I believe all these are worthwhile, they would cause us to be sidetracked from our original vision and goal of seeing patients right after they come through the door. 2. We have done this "a time or 2". I saw no point in reinventing myself. When I decided to retire from the hospital OR, it only made sense that if I was going to start a clinic that it would be a surgical clinic (even though it hadn't been done before). Those 33 years in the hospital have made me a much more efficient surgeon. 3. Be prepared. I learned [...]

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December 2020

Feeding The Bear

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Remember this guy? His name is Jimmy McMillion and he made some waves in the 2010 election for govenor of New York. He did that with a distinctive look and a memorable tagline that clearly resonated with people. Whenever he had a microphone pointed in his direction, he would reply, "I represent the rent is too damn high party." Despite his immediate recognition, he did not get elected. But he did get his point across, people all across the country were agreeing about the rent in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco... it was too damn high! (I think it still is) At least once a day, a patient in my office will have a similar comment about the American Healthcare system. But it's way beyond the "rent" being too high. Healthcare has become a frustrating vortex of long waits, completely unknown and apparently unknowable prices, and automated answering machines repeating 25 times that "we care about your call, please stay on the line." Yet we just keep "feeding this bear" and going back because we think there are no good alternatives. Our QuikSurg patients tell us (literally) everyday how thankful they are for: 1) The fair prices that are paid the [...]

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What’s wrong with health care?

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We'll start with the number 1 complaint by patients . It may surprise you that health care's most complained about problem is not expense, scheduling, staff rudeness, or poor communication (although all these issues made the top 10 list). A survey by the company Software Advice found that a whopping 97% of the 5,000 patients surveyed said, "we get frustrated by having to wait in the provider's exam rooms or in aptly-named waiting rooms". I have been a general surgeon for over 30 years so I can tell you that there will be emergencies/urgencies that intrude on the schedule but these tend to be the exception and not the rule. So what's the reason for this nearly universal waiting? I believe much of it comes from inefficiency and poor planning. When I started QuikSurg 6 years ago, I was frustrated with the overall direction of health care. It was continually moving away from the patient. I was determined to change that by setting a goal to have the surgeon be in the patient's room within 5 minutes of their appointment time. The "quick" in QuikSurg is not because we fly through procedures. I designed the clinic to be efficient in [...]

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