The Question:
“Dr. Redd, I have heard you say that you believe that there is a way that healthcare should be done. What do you mean?”
The Answer:
The reason that we started QuikSurg was that we believed healthcare had become completely distorted. I have spent the last 30 years in the practice of general surgery and I have watched as the doctor/patient slowly became less and less important. It makes for an interesting discussion to talk about how to “fix” healthcare but the solution is always found by starting and ending with the patient. That’s what we have done at QuikSurg… we have made it all about you:
* We will not make you wait. We have the patient in front of the surgeon within 3 minutes of their arrival.
* We will not make you pay an arm and a leg to remove things from your arms or legs (or any other place).
* We will be nice to you and treat you like you are the doctor’s mother.
* We will do our best to make our local anesthesia as painless as possible.
* We will remove a wart and if that wart returns within one month, we will remove it again at no charge.
* We will remove a skin lesion and if that lesion returns to the same location at any time, we will remove it again at no charge.
* We will give you Tylenol or Ibuprofen with a bottle of water after the procedure.
* We will have you in the room, the procedure done, and out the door in 30 minutes (average).
* We will call you with your pathology results as soon as we know them.
* We will spare you the burden of sitting in a crowded waiting room for hours.
Have you ever been to a clinic like that? That is the way it should be done. It’s the QuikSurg way.