I don’t have many memories of being a 7 year old but one or two really stand out. Lincoln School was my elementary school and Mrs. Hansen was my teacher in the second grade where I used to sit near the back of the class (the place for the R’s). I do remember thinking to myself, “how do the other kids see the stuff Mrs. Hansen is writing on the blackboard? Apparently, she picked up on my inability to see that far because not long after that, my mom and I were at the Ophthalmologist’s office and I was told I would be getting glasses.
Not really knowing what glasses would do for me, I don’t remember being excited about it. Until the day came when we returned to the doctor’s office for the delivery of the goods. That doc was shrewd, he took me over to the window of his office and asked me to look out there and tell him what I saw. His office was on the top floor of the Wing Building whose 4 stories made it one of the tallest building in our town! (Still is, I’m pretty sure). He stood behind me and then placed the glasses on my head. What had previously been “fuzzy balls of light and blurred images of cars and people below suddenly came into sharp focus! I had no idea things looked like that, I just thought everybody saw things the way I did.
One of my patients recently remarked that he was impressed with the whole idea of a place like QuikSurg. He said, “I had no idea that having this done could be like this, easy and affordable!” His words brought back that memory at the top of the Wing Building. If you think everybody sees things the same way when it comes to healthcare, you should stop by our clinic and maybe things will come into focus for you, too.
QuikSurg: the way minor surgery should be done.