I have 3 friends from my college days and we have all remained close friends since those days more than 40 years ago. I doubt that many people could make that statement. It is the exception and not the rule to have friends like that. The other days I was laughing with one of them about those days at California Polytechnic State University, better known as Cal Poly. None of us has been exactly “usual” in the way we have gone about our lives and that was even present way back then…

I applied to Cal Poly in1970 and, unlike most colleges, I had to declare a major before I was accepted. I honestly had no idea what to major in, I was just happy to be going to college! After trying to “declare” 3 majors (they were all full), I was finally accepted as an Ag Business major. If I could have chosen 2 things that I knew absolutely nothing about, it would have been agriculture and business. The rule would have been something I was remotely familiar with (like biology), the exception was ag business. BUT, I was in the door!
I started taking general education classes, still trying to figure out what I liked. I reluctantly signed up for a beginning chemistry class but only because I had to have it as a requirement (my absolute worse subject in high school was chemistry). To my amazement, as I attended class each day, I was finding that I was understanding chemistry. I did well in that class so I took another one, this one called biochemistry. Again, the teacher was phenomenal and I was finding my groove. So what did I do? I took more and more classes that I was doing well in until one day, as a senior in college, someone asked me what I needed to graduate. I had no earthly idea, I was just cruising along in science classes and enjoying the learning.
I walked up to the administration building, checked the requirements sheet and found that I was only one class short of graduating as a biochem major. I took the class called Biophysical Chemistry ( an ungodly combination of biology, chemistry, and physics) passed it completely by the grace of God and then stepped into the real world. I think I am the exception here. The rule would be to find a major, take the obligatory classes and graduate.
So it should come as no surprise that QuikSurg is the exception and not the rule. The rule is status quo healthcare… make an appointment, wait weeks to be seen. Go to the appointment, wait hours to be seen. Receive a bill that is too expensive and wonder what could have cost that much. As usual, we are the exception and not (thankfully) the rule! Come in and see how we do it.