So what do you do if you are a brand new business that struggles with “new concept syndrome”? I just made that syndrome up but I honestly think there is such a diagnosis for new businesses that have tried to start something new.
Several months back, we set up a tent at an outdoor neighborhood festival and had at least 30-40 people stop by and talk with us about QuikSurg. By far, the most common comment was “I wondered who you were and what you did in there as I drove by and saw your sign”.
There is a certain amount of fear and suspicion that goes with something “new”, especially in the healthcare field. Those who have decided to see what we are about have been pleasantly surprised to learn that we not really “new”, we are just a clinic designed for patients and not for frustration. We have tried to simplify the experience of going to the doctor, in this case… a surgeon for minor surgical procedures.
One thing that has clearly helped our cause is the “star” review system that we ask patients to do. We have had several people “trust us” based on the reviews of others. To date, we have received 100/101 5 star reviews (an anonymous patient gave us the one “4”)  We don’t try to influence those ratings in any way, we simply ask the patients who have been here, to be honest and tell others what to expect.
So if you are driving or walking past our sign and wondering “what goes on in there”, take it from 101 fellow “wonderers” that we do great work at a more than fair price in a timely manner! We invite you to go to and read the comments!