Nathan Nascimento writes for the National Review and in his last article, “The Latest Problem Under the Affordable Care Act: Deductibles”, he makes some great points about the growing problem of healthcare usage in America. As he says, “While monthly premiums can aptly be described as how much it costs to have insurance, deductibles are how much it costs to use it.”

The average deductible can now run into the thousands of dollars which can severely limit access to insurance patients can afford to use. For instance, if you cut your leg and seek medical attention at the ER, the average cost to assess, anesthetize, stitch and dress that wound is $1650.00.* If your deductible is $2,500, you will be paying the entire $1,650.00 out of pocket.

Here’s where we come in! At QuikSurg, the doctor (me) will see you immediately, I will do all the same assessment as the ER and have you out the door in 30-45 minutes with an average cost of less than the co-pay you would have to fork over at the hospital!

Now THAT’S Affordable and THAT’S Care. Don’t expect that kind of efficiency from the status quo.

* Average ER charge for an “open wound of extremity” is $1650.00