Ever heard of a “one-liner?” No, it’s not what you would use as a pick-up line, it has to do with business. It’s basically what you say to someone if they ask you (in an elevator, on an airplane) “what do you do?”

Instead of launching off into the wild blue yonder with your answer such as  “well, that is a good question because it’s kinda complicated”… you have your one-liner ready so that you can tell them in 10 seconds what you do.
According to Donald Miller in his book “Building A Story Brand,” it’s always best to not confuse people with “noise.” If a person sitting next to you on a plane asks you what you do, they really don’t want to hear about how your great grandfather started the company. They want to hear how what you do can benefit them and that involves getting right to the point with clarity.
Here is what I say:
“The only thing more painful than being in need of urgent medical attention is having to sit in a crowded waiting room a long time to get it. I run a clinic where you are treated like the doctor and his staff would expect to be treated so you can get back to what’s important in life.”
If you want to learn more about one-liners, check out this youtube video: