Sad to say there are those alive now who don’t remember that when you called a business, an actual human answered the phone. I called a doctor’s office the other day and got the now common greeting “if this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911”. From there it was listening to a long list of “if this, push 1… if that, push 2…” When did we think this was a good idea?

It’s amazingly refreshing to call a business these days and have a friendly person on the other end. We have come a long way in the last 20 years with technology and automation but like all things “new and improved”, we should have hung on to those that encouraged people to talk to each other.

When we were talking through the “non-negotiables” for QuikSurg, we all felt it very important that we not use recordings when people needed to talk to people. After all, our “WHY” is “Restoring the most important relationship in healthcare: the bond between the patient and the doctor”. If you have an emergency that we can treat, don’t hang up, come on in and we will see you.

David C Redd MD