One thing I can safely say when I talk to my patients about their past experiences with healthcare providers, there’s always a story. Typically it’s not a happy story of time well spent but usually more like these:

* “After I checked in at the ER, I spent 4 hours waiting for them to call me back”
* “I had 4 cysts on my head and they made me come back for each one of them”
* “My appointment was at 1 pm, the doctor saw me at 3:30 and no explanation was given”
* “They sewed up my hand at the hospital, the bill was over $2,500”
Virtually every patient has a personal story or a relative’s story but most of them are problems, frustrations, issues and not good experiences. How has healthcare gotten away with this stuff? But it’s been going on a long time. I can still remember sitting at the dinner table (I was probably about 9 or 10) and hearing my dad telling my mom about his “2-hour wait in the clinic”. That was almost 60 years ago!
For a while, the problem was partially solved with things like Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers but even they have started to back up with patients. I think it’s the mindset of the people running the clinics.
I don’t think there is a deliberate effort to think about the patient first.
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