Suppose you are using the hedge clippers and you cut your arm.  It’s a very good bet that you will need stitches so you contemplate your next move. You could find the nearest hospital ER or you could call QuikSurg. It’s also a good bet that your experiences will be as follows:

*The ER: You will not be stitched up by a surgeon or a doctor of any kind.
               You will not be the first person called to be treated from the waiting room.
               You will be uncomfortable in that waiting room chair.
               You will have to find a place to remove the stitches.
               You will
*QuikSurg: You will be assessed and treated, start to finish, by a surgeon with 30+ years of experience.
                   You will finish the paperwork in 5 minutes and it is unlikely you will ever even sit in the waiting room.
                   You will come back for the surgeon to check the wound and remove the stitches.
                   Your time and money will be respected because we treat everyone like family.
                   You will notice a clear difference in QuikSurg and in any other medical facility where you have been treated.
Note… an ER is always open. QuikSurg has regular hours but a phone call will get the doctor anytime and he will meet you at the clinic in 20 minutes.