The pictures are 2 sebaceous cysts: on the left is an uninfected cyst and on the right is an infected sebaceous cyst. The only difference between the two is the presence of infection and that means (at least in this case) that the infected cyst now has an abscess associated with it. Which means a pus pocket has formed around the cyst. Which means, bottom line…  that one will need much more attention than the uninfected cyst!
So the best thing you can do is have the cyst removed before it becomes an abscess + cyst.
Here are a few tips that may prevent problems if you have a cyst:
* Cysts are common on the back where it’s easy to ignore them, especially if they are not causing immediate problems. You are better off not ignoring them!
* Although it’s tempting, it’s not the best practice to try and “squeeze out the stuff” from a cyst. Cysts have a thin wall around all that goo and just getting out the goo does not solve the problem and in fact, can lead to causing the pus pocket.
* It’s also tempting to go to a “doc-in-the-box” and have it treated but remember, it’s not OK to just remove the cyst’s contents and leave the wall and it’s also not OK to just be put on antibiotics without a plan to drain the pus. Eventually, the cyst will need to be removed, too.
Of course, infected or uninfected, we are happy to see you and take care of you and your cyst at QuikSurg!