I can still remember how I felt when I learned about the system that my college used to register for classes. It was entirely fair and equitable to all students. I didn’t disagree with it but it was never going to work for me. Allow me to explain…
This was the era of paper and pencils, many years before your phone was a computer. So “online registration” wasn’t even close to being possible and that meant standing in long, hot lines in alphabetical arrangement ( A’s through D’s at 10 AM, E’s through H’s at 10:45 AM, etc for Fall Quarter, then another order for Winter Quarter…) to get into the main gym where a 100+ desks were set up with computer cards for each class that quarter. (computers were around, it’s just that they were all as big as a refrigerator) You got into the class by pulling a card for the desired class. Because of the “fair and equitable” alphabetical system, you were going to get the classes you wanted for that one quarter and for the next quarter you might get half the classes you wanted and for one quarter you might as well sit it out. By the time your group got into the gym, all the classes you wanted were long gone.
What’s the big deal? Afterall they are just classes, pull the card and take the class. By the time I was a sophomore, I had figured out that the class was not nearly as important as the teacher. I took classes in my major based on the teacher. A lousy teacher meant I was probably not going to do well in the class. It was not a matter of easy vs hard, it was a matter of a teacher who loved the subject, made it interesting, and didn’t mind spending his/her office hours explaining difficult concepts vs one who was crappy at teaching, boring as hell, and didn’t give a hoot if you learned it or not!
Then the time came for me to talk with my wrestling coach about me sticking around for the next year. He told me he had no real money to offer a scholarship. I told him that money was not an issue (it wasn’t that I had enough, it was that I knew I could work on campus to pay my way like I had done the previous year), all I wanted was the privilege of pre-registration that all scholarship athletes got. He said, “that was entirely possible”. And with those 4 words, I knew I was golden. From that day on, every quarter I registered for all my teachers the day before alphabetical registration and that was really the only thing that mattered to me… I had beaten the system!
It’s just what you have to do sometimes, you have to figure out a way to go around a system that is not working. Like health care in America today. It’s a system that is broken but all attempts at “fixing” it have made it less manageable and less patient-friendly. So QuikSurg was invented to beat that system. No sense in booking a doctor’s appointment at 1, so you can sit in his/her office until 3. No sense in paying a hospital emergency department over $2,000 to wait 4 hours to have a cut leg sewn up.
Come see us, we are the fairest and most equitable system there is!