So, yesterday I was talking to guy who just opened a new plumbing business. His “hook” is that when you call for plumbing services, he can guarantee that he will have a plumber at your house within 90 minutes of that phone call. Wow! That is great, huh? But he did go on to say, there was a price for that time guarantee. He didn’t tell me exactly how much that price was but there was a price to be paid for that perk.

We at QuikSurg have a time guarantee, too. We “hate the wait” so we are committed to seeing patients within 3 minutes of their arrival. How do we do that? By scheduling patients with enough time between them and by planning (done even before we opened our doors) to have a surgical suite that is designed for fast set up and fast clean up. But more than that, we committed to being known as the clinic that always put the patient first. We figured that scheduling, organizing, planning, executing were all under that simple mission (which does NOT include having patients wait when they are scheduled for a certain time). BTW, there is no charge for that perk!