When people first come to QuikSurg, we typically ask them, “how did you hear about us”? The most common answer is “I Googled _______” (fill in the blank with mole or wart or cyst removal, for example) They found someone to take something off of them that they wanted off. When they get here, they learn that we are a different kind of clinic. They are given a 1/2 page form to fill out and then they are seen almost immediately. They pay a cash fee that is always less than they expect (usually way less!) and they are treated like family.
It’s a place that kind of surprises people because it’s unique in many ways: who ever heard of a minor surgical clinic? how can they see me so quickly? why is the price so much lower than the hospital ER or a dermatologist’s office?
QuikSurg does have a story behind it and that story is what drives us to do the things we do…
I am a surgeon who has spent the last 30 years caring for patients with surgical problems. The “machine” (America’s medical system) has continued to change over those 30 years and I have tried to keep pace with it. The complexity of the system has only increased and people who know next to nothing about health and healthcare are making decisions that make no sense. It has been downright discouraging to watch how people (patients) have almost never benefitted from these decisions.
QuikSurg was designed to be “the way healthcare should be done”. That’s our purpose, our cause. That’s what inspired a clinic where the patient’s time and money are respected and they are always treated with dignity. It’s important that you understand what we do and how we do it but it’s more important for you to know why we do it because that is the motor behind the “how” and the “what”.
I have never enjoyed medicine so much.