They are a bother. They are not dangerous, just a bother and nobody likes the way they look. Skin tags have another name (Acrochordon) but whatever you call them, they are unwelcome.
So the patient was thrilled when he found a place that could and would get rid of them. “I was so glad to finally find a place that will take these things off!”
I have had patients with just a few and I have had patients with literally hundreds and they all get treated essentially the same way, by simple excision with scissors (after a small amount of local anesthesia) and then cauterizing the base of the skin tag. They are as they are described, small “tags” of skin made up of collagen, tiny blood vessels and nerves (which explains why they need anesthesia and they need cauterization) and a thin layer of skin. They form in places where skin can rub on skin: armpits, groin, neck, eyelids. They are typically small and numerous in these areas.
I can’t say that I enjoy removing skin tags, it is incredibly tedious. But the appreciation from the patient is off the charts. I have just one recommendation for everyone with skin tags… don’t try this at home!