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July 2018

The Times

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By the time I hit the 7th grade, I was pretty much listening to the small brown radio in my room every night. So when Bob Dylan's song, "The Times They Are A'Changin'' made the top 40, I was all about it. Of course, I had no idea what it all meant, but I knew it was a song I liked and so did lots of others. Bob Dylan wasn't known for his great voice but rather for his folk songs with a message and that song still has a message that is heard whenever we think the times need changing. When it comes to healthcare, it's clearly true that the times are changing and they have needed to change for quite a while. It's hard to find a doctor who's been around a while who isn't frustrated with the way we are treating patients. I can't think of any other professions where we schedule appointments 3 months down the road and then when they show up we make them wait again in the reception area! (It used to be called the waiting room until someone thought it needed a more politically correct name) We see patients but pay more attention [...]

The Triple Aim – What Is It?

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Have you ever heard of the triple aim? You have probably heard of the triple crown in horse racing. We are just about to run the last race of that famous triple called the Belmont Stakes. I am old enough to remember my favorite triple crown winner, Secretariat. He won the last jewel (Belmont) by 31 lengths and still holds the record for that distance, a mile and a half. You have probably heard of a triple play in baseball. They are rare, there have been only 716 triple plays in Major League Baseball in the last 142 years! They require a combination of events: there must be at least 2 baserunners with no outs and the ball is typically hit sharply to an infielder, and these particular situations also happen semi-rarely. So what is a triple aim? Don't feel bad if you haven't heard of it because it's a term know to healthcare providers in particular. And even then it depends on which healthcare provider you read but it's typically: 1) better care 2) better health 3) lower overall costs Those are noble and valuable goals to be sure. But it's not where most healthcare is now and it's [...]

…But Now I See

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I don't have many memories of being a 7 year old but one or two really stand out. Lincoln School was my elementary school and Mrs. Hansen was my teacher in the second grade where I used to sit near the back of the class (the place for the R's). I do remember thinking to myself, "how do the other kids see the stuff Mrs. Hansen is writing on the blackboard? Apparently, she picked up on my inability to see that far because not long after that, my mom and I were at the Ophthalmologist's office and I was told I would be getting glasses. Not really knowing what glasses would do for me, I don't remember being excited about it. Until the day came when we returned to the doctor's office for the delivery of the goods. That doc was shrewd, he took me over to the window of his office and asked me to look out there and tell him what I saw. His office was on the top floor of the Wing Building whose 4 stories made it one of the tallest building in our town! (Still is, I'm pretty sure). He stood behind me and then placed the [...]

The Answer

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The Question: "Dr. Redd, I have heard you say that you believe that there is a way that healthcare should be done. What do you mean?" The Answer: The reason that we started QuikSurg was that we believed healthcare had become completely distorted. I have spent the last 30 years in the practice of general surgery and I have watched as the doctor/patient slowly became less and less important. It makes for an interesting discussion to talk about how to "fix" healthcare but the solution is always found by starting and ending with the patient. That's what we have done at QuikSurg... we have made it all about you: * We will not make you wait. We have the patient in front of the surgeon within 3 minutes of their arrival. * We will not make you pay an arm and a leg to remove things from your arms or legs (or any other place). * We will be nice to you and treat you like you are the doctor's mother. * We will do our best to make our local anesthesia as painless as possible. * We will remove a wart and if that wart returns within one month, we will [...]

Happy To Be The Exception, Not The Rule

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I have 3 friends from my college days and we have all remained close friends since those days more than 40 years ago. I doubt that many people could make that statement. It is the exception and not the rule to have friends like that. The other days I was laughing with one of them about those days at California Polytechnic State University, better known as Cal Poly. None of us has been exactly "usual" in the way we have gone about our lives and that was even present way back then... I applied to Cal Poly in1970 and, unlike most colleges, I had to declare a major before I was accepted. I honestly had no idea what to major in, I was just happy to be going to college! After trying to "declare" 3 majors (they were all full), I was finally accepted as an Ag Business major. If I could have chosen 2 things that I knew absolutely nothing about, it would have been agriculture and business. The rule would have been something I was remotely familiar with (like biology), the exception was ag business. BUT, I was in the door! I started taking general education classes, still trying to figure out [...]

Trusting in the Reviews

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So what do you do if you are a brand new business that struggles with "new concept syndrome"? I just made that syndrome up but I honestly think there is such a diagnosis for new businesses that have tried to start something new. Several months back, we set up a tent at an outdoor neighborhood festival and had at least 30-40 people stop by and talk with us about QuikSurg. By far, the most common comment was "I wondered who you were and what you did in there as I drove by and saw your sign". There is a certain amount of fear and suspicion that goes with something "new", especially in the healthcare field. Those who have decided to see what we are about have been pleasantly surprised to learn that we not really "new", we are just a clinic designed for patients and not for frustration. We have tried to simplify the experience of going to the doctor, in this case... a surgeon for minor surgical procedures. One thing that has clearly helped our cause is the "star" review system that we ask patients to do. We have had several people "trust us" based on the reviews of others. To [...]

Responding To A Need

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If you were around in the 1950's you might remember the beginnings of the Interstate Highway System under the leadership of President Eisenhower. It officially started in 1956 and the original system was proclaimed to be completed in 1992. With that freeway system came many other "industries" such as the motel (Arthur Heineman built the first motel in San Luis Obispo, California and wanted to call it the "Milestone Motor Hotel" but has to shorten to mo-tel after he could not fit the entire name on his rooftop). Motels reached their peak in the 1960's but were largely replaced by larger chain hotels at highway interchanges. With those motels and hotels came fast food restaurants. Again, springing up like weeds along the freeways and designed for people on the move who wanted a bite to eat but didn't want to spend a lot of time looking for a restaurant. And naturally, people moving along the freeway needed gas and car service so "service stations" evolved in these same areas. A family of 5 (like mine) could embark on a long trip from southern Oregon to southern California and save large amounts of time by stopping at a freeway exit that had food, gas and [...]

The Freedom of Why

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When people first come to QuikSurg, we typically ask them, "how did you hear about us"? The most common answer is "I Googled _______" (fill in the blank with mole or wart or cyst removal, for example) They found someone to take something off of them that they wanted off. When they get here, they learn that we are a different kind of clinic. They are given a 1/2 page form to fill out and then they are seen almost immediately. They pay a cash fee that is always less than they expect (usually way less!) and they are treated like family. It's a place that kind of surprises people because it's unique in many ways: who ever heard of a minor surgical clinic? how can they see me so quickly? why is the price so much lower than the hospital ER or a dermatologist's office? QuikSurg does have a story behind it and that story is what drives us to do the things we do... I am a surgeon who has spent the last 30 years caring for patients with surgical problems. The "machine" (America's medical system) has continued to change over those 30 years and I have tried to keep pace with [...]

The Urgent Care Center of Restaurants

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading a blog on KevinMD.com by Dr. Linda Girgis entitled "These McDonald's practices should be avoided in health care". I agreed with her premise and her conclusions but I began to wonder if there are now ways that healthcare can learn from the way McDonald's does things and therefore we should advance them rather than avoid them. I am old enough to remember when McDonald's started as a fast food eatery in San Bernardino, California. The original brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald, had the idea of providing an efficient and clean "walk-up" restaurant that ran like an assembly line. Not everyone liked it. Some thought they were too hurried. They wanted to sit down, order, and eat their meal without the rush. But others found the pace to fit them and their situation. I see McDonald's as the "urgent care center" of restaurants. It's not an expensive restaurant, it's not a "hospital". It's a facility where you can go where a sore throat doesn't take 2 hours to figure out, where an earache in a toddler does not require an extended time to diagnose. I am not a frequenter of McDonald's but I occasionally stop in there especially when I'm [...]

A Meeting of Doctors

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I just had one of the more delightful weekends that I have had in a long time. A few months ago, I was invited to speak at the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Conference called "Thrive, Not Just Survive". The meeting was this past Friday in Atlanta. The AAPS is celebrating it's 75th anniversary this year, supporting doctors since 1943. It is dedicated to the highest ethical standards of the Oath of Hippocrates and to preserving the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship and the practice of private medicine. I had the opportunity to talk for 20 minutes about QuikSurg and to be an encouragement to those who were thinking about starting their own cash-based practice. Both my wife and I were impressed by the attendees at the conference... they were all about returning the joy of practicing medicine to the doctor and the patient! It was refreshing to hear of others who had decided to leave the middleman behind and offer transparency and respect for patient's time and money. Thank you, AAPS for all you do!